Chain Link Fencing for Baseball and Softball Sport Fields

Chain link fencing is perfect barrier for softball and baseball sport playing area. Chain link baseball and softball field fence is designed to provide protection against injuries or fatalities due to thrown or batted balls, and provide passage into or out from a baseball or softball field.

We use 50 mm mesh opening chain link mesh from 9 gauge wire for baseball and softball fence. The chain link mesh can preclude a child or youth from climbing over or passing through the fence, because the small mesh holes reduce the potential for gaining a foothold and handholds.

A baseball chain link sport fencing made from zinc alloy coated wire.
BSF-1: Chain link outfield fence.
The details of zinc coated chain link baseball backstop fence on the grass.
BSF-2: Chain link baseball backstop fence.

Baseball and softball Fence dimensions and chain link mesh materials

  • Chain link mesh materials
    • Chain link wire gauge: 9 gauge.
    • Chain link fabric wire: zinc-coated wire, Zn-5A1-MM coated wire, or PVC coated wire (9 gauge core wire with 0.13 mm PVC coated layer).
    • Chain-link mesh size: 50 mm.
    • Chain-link fabric selvage: knuckle and knuckle.
  • Outfield fence:
    • Chain-link mesh size: 50 mm.
    • Height: minimum 2.4 m, to protect people or objects outside the fences, the height should be increased accordingly.
    • Ground clearance: no more than 25.4 mm.
  • Player bench protective fencing:
    • Chain-link mesh size: 50 mm.
    • Fence height: not less than 2.44 m.
    • The protective fencing in front of an on-grade players bench, and below-grade dugouts.
  • Spectator protective fence
    • Chain-link mesh size: 50 mm.
    • Fence height: not less than 2.4 m.
    • Designed to protect spectators at the highest point of the bleachers to watch the game.
  • Backstop fencing
    • Chain-link mesh size: 50 mm.
    • Fence height: not less than 4.88 m.
    • Designed to provide a containment of pitched, thrown, and batted balls.
  • Foul line fence
    • Chain-link mesh size: 50 mm.
    • Designed to protect the fielder from obstructions and other sideline objects, to contain the ball and prevent spectators from intruding onto the field.
  • Gates
    • Chain-link mesh size: 50 mm.
    • Fence height: not less than 2.4 m.
    • To provide emergency and maintenance access to the field as well as for officials and players use.
  • Fence fittings: posts, rails, and braces for chain-link fence.
A galvanized chain link softball backstop fence with 16 ft. height for softball sport filed.
BSF-3: Chain link softball field backstop fence.
Zinc coated chain link fencing and gate in the blue sky.
BSF-4: Chain link sport fencing with chain link gate.
Galvanized chain link batting cages beside green grass land and trees.
BSF-5: Chain link batting cages.
A large tennis court made from zinc coated chain link fence and round posts.
BSF-6: Chain link tennis courts.