Chain Link Tennis Court Fence – Zinc, Aluminum, Polymer Coated

Chain-link fencing around tennis courts is built from various types of chain-link fabric and framework materials. Usually, 10 ft or 12 ft (3050 or 3660 mm) high chain-link fencing as complete enclosures around single or multiple tennis courts, or as backstops at either end of tennis courts. Wind screens may be used upon local wind conditions. The specification of chain link tennis fence and gates is accordance with ASTM F969.

Galvanized chain link fabric and round posts tennis courts fencing beside grass land.
CTCF-1: Galvanized chain link tennis courts fence.
Green polymer-coated chain link fabric tennis courts fencing with double chain link gates.
CTCF-2: Polymer-coated tennis courts fence with double gates.

Type of chain link fabric coating:

  • Type I: aluminum-coated steel chain-link fence.
  • Type II: with zinc-coated steel chain-link fence fabric, Class 1 or Class 2 coating.
  • Type III: zinc-5% aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated steel chain-link fence fabric, Class 1 or Class 2 coating.
  • Type IV: polymer-coated steel chain-link fence fabric, Class 1, Class 2a, or Class 2b coating.
    Colors for polymer-coated: dark green, olive green, brown, black.

Notice: select the same type and color for polymer-coated chain link fence materials such as chain link fence fabric, framework, tension wire, posts, rails, gate frames, and fittings.

Materials of chain link fabric tennis fence:

  • Size of core wire: 0.120 in. (3.05 mm) 11 gauge or 0.148 in. (3.76 mm) 9 gauge.
  • Size of fabric mesh: 13/4 in. (44 mm).
  • Height of fence: 10 ft. or 12 ft. (3050 or 3660 mm) as selected.
  • Ground clearance: no more than 1 in. (25.4 mm).
  • Fabric selvage: knuckled top and bottom.

Horizontal rails.

  • All fences shall have a top rail.
  • Fences 12 ft. (3660 mm) in height shall have a continuous middle rail.
  • Additional rails at mid-points or at the bottom of the fence may be specified.

Bottom tension wire:

  • Metallic-coated steel marcelled tension wire for metallic coated chain link fabric: 0.177 in. (4.50 mm) diameter wire.
  • Polymer-coated steel tension wire for polymer-coated chain link fabric, core wire: 0.177 in. (4.50 mm) 7 gauge or 0.148 in. (3.76 mm) 9 gauge
  • Tension wire diameter tolerance: ±0.005 in. (0.13 mm).
  • Bottom tension wire shall be used except where continuous bottom rail is specified.
  • Bottom tension wire shall be attached to the bottom diamond of the chain-link fabric.

Fittings: line cap, brace ends, top rail sleeves, tie wire and clips, tension bands, brace bands, tension bars.

Tennis court fence gates:

  • Chain Link Gate Fabric
    • Size of core wire: 0.120 in. (3.05 mm) 11 gauge or 0.148 in. (3.76 mm) 9 gauge.
    • Size of fabric mesh: 13/4 in. (44 mm).
  • Gate fabric and frame coating as specified for chain link fencing.
  • The base materials of the gate frame: round or rectangular tubular members, welded at all corners or assembled with corner fittings.
  • Gate opening width: no less than 3 ft (914 mm).
  • Gate height: single walk gates is 7 ft (2133 mm) high with a transom panel above the gate extending to full height of the fence.
  • Gate hinges: gates have hinges to provide a full 180° swing from the closed to the open position.
  • Gate latch: has provision for secure locking with a padlock. Gate latch has a built-in provision to permit the gate to open outward only.
Black polymer-coated chain link tennis courts fencing with continuous middle rails.
CTCF-3: Chain link fencing with continuous middle rails.

Chain link tennis court fencing ordering information

  • When you need chain-link fabric courts fencing system, purchase orders, construction specifications, or detailed drawings should include detailed ordering information and drawings of chain link tennis courts fencing.
  • A detailed drawing or drawings showing the complete layout of the fence line, together with typical elevations, details of pavement around post footings, etc., should be a part of the purchase order or construction contract.