Heavy Type Chain-Link Fences with Razor Barbed Wire Supply High Strength and Security

Chain link fencing is popular as security fence nowadays. It can be found in many fields, such as prison, highway, zoo, parks, personal houses and others. The fence can be used as galvanized chain link fabric, PVC coated iron chain wire fence and stainless steel chain link fence. Heavy type chain-link fences with barbed wire or razor wire fence together can supply high strength used for prison security.

Heavy galvanized chain link fence used with barbed wire for high strength and security fence

  1. Fabric: Heavy Galvanized Chain Link Fabric made from Galvanized steel wire, 3.76 mm diameter, mesh size 50 × 50 mm, fabric height 2.40 m barbed selvage, supplied in rolls of 15 m each.
  2. Tension Wire: Heavy Galvanized 3.76 mm diameter, sufficient for 3 rows.
  3. Barbed Wire: Galvanized barbed wire, 2 Ply, 4 Points. Galvanized strand wire 2.50 mm diameter, Galvanized barb wire 2.0 mm diameter, spacing between barbs 101 mm, supplied in reels of 200 m, sufficient for 6 rows.
  4. Line Posts: 60.3 mm od × 3.91 mm wall thickness × 3.20 meter long Galvanized steel post with Galvanized 'V' shaped extension arm on top to take 6 rows of barbed wire, spacing at 3.0 m intervals.
  5. Pull Post: 73.0 mm od × 5.16 mm wall thickness × 3.20 m long Galvanized post with 42.2 mm od × 3.56 mm wall thickness × 6.0 m long Galvanized steel brace rail pipe, Galvanized 'V' shaped extension arm to take 6 rows of barbed wire. Pull Post supplied with standard Galvanized straining fittings like truss rod, turn buckle, tension bar, bands, spacing at 152 m intervals.
  6. Corner Post: Same as item no. 5 above, but with corner extension arm.
  7. End Post: Same as item no. 5 above, but with only half the fittings.
  8. Bottom Rail: 42.2 mm od × 3.56 mm wall thickness × 6.0 m long Galvanized steel Bottom Rail Pipe with galvanized steel clamps to connect the pipes together.

Heavy chain link fencing application With Razor Barbed Wire

Heavy duty arms twine type– Y install on 3" diameter fence post, for razor barbed wire. Hole opening at the sides to be 1 1/4 ".
Razor barbed wire. galvanized fencing type 600 mm o.d no. of loops 86. standard length per coil 14 meters, # BTO - 28
Galvanized tie wire, 5/32" wire thickness, standard length per coil 14 meters.
Galvanized chain link fence 10ft. height, 5/32" gauge wire thickness, 2" mesh, 50ft length of each roll ASTM A -392 class 2. 60 micron coating.

heavy type chain link fence used with razor wire fence together
Chain link fencing with single extension and barbed wire are installed outside of the prison.
chain link fence used with barbed wire and flat razor wire fence
Chain link fences with razor wires surrounding the prison.