Diamond Wire Mesh - the Fence, You Can Adjust Its Length

diamond wire mesh is also known as rhombic wire mesh. Our diamond fence enjoys quality materials and uniform openings, smooth surface and nice appearance, thick wire gauge and good corrosion resistance. It is widely used in breeding of animals, protection of machinery, fencing of express highway, sports field and roads or making handicrafts and wire mesh conveyor belts. Diamond mesh fence can also be made into containers, then filled with stones, used as materials for protection and support of banks, mountains slopes, bridges, water reservoir and other constructions.

Diamond wire mesh in general is made of the materials of galvanized iron wire, vinyl- coated iron wire, stainless steel wire and so on. The vinyl coated color is light green, gray, dark brown, black and white. Diamond wire mesh top types include knuckle type, horizontal type and Twist type.

When order a diamond wire fence, please give the data about the wire mesh length, height, mesh opening, wire diameter and materials, end treatment and package types. If the chain link fencing length is not the just right, you can adjust the length by inserting or removing a single line.

A drawing shows knuckle-knuckle, knuckle-twist and twist-twist edge of diamond mesh edges.
Diamond wire mesh weaving and terminology diagram, such as opening, angle, height, effective height, length

Diamond wire mesh fence specifications:

Diameter of wire mesh: 3.76 mm. + / -0.7 mm
Aperture of the table: 75 mm.
Zinc minimum > 90 g/m2.
Roll size: Width: 2.5 m × 25 m, Length
Finished: galvanized, PVC coated.

Galvanized non-oxidize diamond fence used for yard and zoo.
Width: 2 inches (5.08 cm).
Thickness: 2.5 mm (0.25 cm).
Height 1: 8 Feet × 2 (243.84 cm × 2).
Height 2: 9 Feet × 2 (274.32 cm × 2).

Diamond wire fence features:

  1. It is easy to cut pieces. Since the combination of the column line will be connected with a spiral process, the following can be easily cut.
  2. Support for a variety of shapes. Chain fencing can be accommodated all site conditions.
  3. Can be a variety of making. Plain weaving, knuckle processing, horizontal processing, twist processing and so on. And the width can be up to 10 m.
  4. A combination of mesh and wire diameters are various. Wire diameter can range from 1.6 mm to 5.0 mm, mesh opening can be from 25 mm to 100 mm.
A piece of galvanized diamond wire mesh on the gray background.
A piece of PVC coated diamond wire mesh on the gray background.