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A worker is installing the tension bars.

Installation Accessories Specifications

chain link fence and accessories: chain link fence is sometimes used with barbed wire on top. Installing chain link fence need some chain link fence accessories, line post, tie wire, top rails.

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Chain Link Fence Post Tube

Fence Posts Tube and Pipe

Chain link fence post and pipe types and specifications are here.tubes diameter 48mm × 1.5mm (wall thickness) length 2.0m. Total 3" GI pipe 8 feet length will be used as bottom and center rail.

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A worker is repairing chain link fencing.

How to Repair the Fences

It is necessary to repair chain link fence. Here are two things to remember when repairing: replace the top fence rail and repair the chain link fabric.

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Nine chain link fence accessories on the white background.

Chain Link Fence Accessories

When install chain link fence, we need chain link fence accessories including posts, caps, tension bands, tension bars, carriage bolt, rail, saddle clamp and tie wire.

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