Chain Link Gates with Panic Bar

Chain link gates with panic bar development is based on chain link fence gates, it's mainly increase some automatic devices on the basis of the fence gates to improve the safety performance of gates. Due to its durable, easily to use and safety has been widely used in various fields. It is the panic bar that makes the gates is wide application. So which the panic bar have components.

The panic bar kits: The gates with panic bar comes with the same hardware as the standard kit: a panic bar, mounting plate, adjustable receiver bracket, stainless steel screws and fasteners and the keyed cylinder, lock box and together with holes pre-drilled for an easy installation.

The gates specification and needs kites:

  • The gates are approximately 7' high to allow convenient walk-through by pedestrians and are approximately 4' wide.
  • Mounting plate 24" tall, adjusts for 29" to 54" gate frame.
  • Adjustable receiver bracket for 3" outside diameter post.
  • Stainless steel screws and fasteners.
  • Lock box – allows for.
  • Keyed cylinder with 2 keys.
  • Pre-drilled holes for exit bar.

The gates of features: Panic bar gate makes quick work of installing pedestrian gates demand free egress - controlled entry. The gates kites are fully assembled. The panic bar is equipped with the key hole of the hexagonal, which can be set to keep the panic bar unlocked by fastening the bar in the depressed position and keeping the bolts in a scalable location. This allows the gate can be opened from both side, and exclude the necessity of engaging for every use reducing the strain on the device's springs and mechanisms.

Chain Link Gates with Panic Bar 1
Chain Link Gates with Panic Bar 2
A detail of connection of panic bar.
Chain Link Gates with Panic Bar 4