Chain Link Fence for Water Protection of Children Under 5

Chain link fabric fence of 48 in. (1219 mm) provides protection for children under the age of five years in residential swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. Spa, swimming pool or spas we refers here refers containers that contain water over 24 in. (610 mm).

Our chain link fence is designed for pools that the top of the pool structure is on or above grade (the finished elevation at any specified point of the ground or pavement outside the pool area). For pools that above grade, the chain link fence may be at ground level or mounted on top of the pool structure.

There is a chain link fabric fence that installed around the swimming pool, with a lady and five boys in the pool.
RSPCLF-01: Chain link fence is used for children swimming pool.
This is a empty swimming pool with chain link mesh as pool fencing.
RSPCLF-02: Chain link fence with is fixed on posts and top and bottom rails for pool fencing.
This is a small family used swimming pool, it is surrounded with chain link fence for protection.
RSPCLF-03: Green PVC coated chain link swimming pool fence.
Chain link mesh functions as drowning protection fence.
RSPCLF-04: Rigid chain link mesh.


  • Material: galvanized steel wire.
  • Coating: PVC coated in green or black colors.
  • Wire mesh size: 1-1/4 in. (32 mm) or 1-3/4 in. (44 mm) measured between the parallel sides of the mesh
  • Height:
    • 48 in. (1219 mm) above grade for normal swimming pools.
    • 36 in. (914 mm) for above ground pools that have fence installed on the top of the pools.

Accessories of gate:

  • For double-leaf access gate, the chain link fence gate is equipped with padlock or other key-operated locking device.
  • For single-leaf access gate, the fence gate is equipped with self-latching device.


  • Visibility: The fence is designed to allow at least a 65% open area to allow visibility from a designated supervising area outside the pool area to inside the pool area.
  • Designed for children under the age of five years: The fence provides protection against drownings and near-drownings by restricting access to children under the age of five years in residential swimming pools.


  • The maximum vertical clearance between grade and the bottom of the fence shall be 4 in. (102 mm).
  • For fence that is installed on top of the pool structure, the space between the top of the pool structure and the bottom of the fence shall be no greater than 4 in. (102 mm) in any direction.
  • The fence shall completely surround the pool structure, even if where a building or dwelling or portion exits.
  • It should be assured that there is a clear zone of at least 48 in. (1219 mm) between the swimming pool barrier and permanent structures or pool equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, etc. that can be used as an aid to climb the barrier.