GAW Chain Link Fencing Provides Exceptional Protection In Industrial and Residential.

When choosing your galvanized chain link fence system, insist on Galvanized After Weaving (GAW) fence fabric. GAW is the only zinc coated chain link fabric that is coated after weaving, ensuring that all surfaces of the base metal are protected. GAW also provides the best protection against rust and corrosion in even the most severe coastal industrial environments. Combined with zinc coated framework, galvanized chain link fence systems provide exceptional security and protection in industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational, residential applications. With any pre-coated wire, the weaving process leaves the twist and knuckle tips bare from trimming. Cut ends may be dipped in other materials, but they are no substitute for the thorough zinc coating protection of the GAW process.

Finish: Committed to the products, GAW producers assure you of chain link fabric with a complete coating. A continuous vertical dip and retrieval process removes excess zinc and keeps joints from welding.

Galvanized chain link fence used in construction specifications:

  • Diameter Wire: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm.
  • Aperture: 3 × 3, 4 × 4, 5 × 5.
  • High: 2.0 meter.
  • Packing: in roll 25 meter.

GAW chain link fencing benefits

  1. Zinc-based process offers the most active cathodic protection.
  2. Heavier and more thorough coating with no flaking and bare trim ends.
  3. Additional protective coating to prevent while rust.
  4. All components of GAW fence systems are zinc coated.
  5. Consistently meets ASTM specifications.

GAW chain link fencing is resistant to defacement and offers total visibility. But when combined with landscaping, chain link fence provides an attractive visual barrier while maintaining security.

A roll of galvanized chain link fence with plastic film package.
GAW Chain Fencing