Concertina Barbed Wire with Chain Link Fence for High Security

Concertina barbed wire has only one strand line wire with many small protrusions on the surface to prevent barbs sliding, which is the most important component of barbed wire fence system. Concertina barbed wires can be used individually to form the barbed wire fence, and they can also be attached onto various wire mesh fencing, such as chain link fence, welded fence or expanded metal fence to achieve high level security. With the features of sharp edge, high quality, stability, rigidity and corrosion, rust resistance, they are widely used for airport fencing, factory fencing, farm fencing, river fencing and so on.

A section of concertina barbed wire has only one strand line wire with many small protrusions on the surface which is connected with clips and each twist barb has four spikes.
CBW-01: Concertina barbed wire with protrusions, spikes and clips.

Specifications of concertina barbed wire

  • Strand structure
    Single strand barbed wire:
    single line wire; barbs are twisted, fastened onto the line wire.
  • Line wire
    • Material: steel wire or stainless steel wire.
    • Wire diameter: 3.0 mm ± 0.05 mm.
    • Tensile strength: 1235 N/m2.
    • Galvanization: 275 g/m2.
  • Barb
    • Material: iron wire.
    • Wire diameter: 2.0 mm ± 0.05 mm.
    • Tensile strength: 350 N/m2.
    • Length of barbs: 13 mm – 20 mm.
    • Distance between barbs: 60 mm ± 16 mm.
    • Galvanization: 240 g/m2.
Table 1: Specifications of Concertina Barbed Wire
Item Coil Diameter Before Stretching (mm) Coil Diameter After Stretching (mm) Spiral Turns Per Coil Clips Per Spiral
CBWF-01 300 260 33 3
CBWF-02 450 400 54 or 55 3
CBWF-03 730 600 54 or 55 3
CBWF-04 730 620 54 or 55 5
CBWF-05 980 820 54 or 55 5
CBWF-06 980 850 54 or 55 7
CBWF-07 1250 1150 54 or 55 9

Features of concertina barbed wire

  • Sharp edge frightens intruders and thieves.
  • Stability, rigidity, supply higher tensile strength to prevent cutting or destroying.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Available to combine with chain link or welded fence.
  • Provide various colors for choice.
  • Easy and convenient installation and uninstallation.

Applications of concertina barbed wire

Attached onto various wire mesh fences for high level security fence barrier.

  • Farm and ranch fencing.
  • Residence fencing.
  • Prison fencing.
  • Factory fencing.
  • Military site fencing.
  • Airport fencing.
  • Highway fencing.
  • Railway fencing.
Many coils of concertina barbed wire are placed on the ground.
CBW-02: Concertina barbed wire is composed of many spirals.
Many coils of galvanized concertina barbed wire with shiny surface are placed together.
CBW-03: Galvanized concertina barbed wire.
Several rolls of concertina barbed wire tied with bailing strips in the yard.
CBW-04: Concertina barbed wire waiting for wrapping.
A forklift is loading the concertina barbed wire into container.
CBW-05: Concertina barbed wire loading.