Chain Link Mine Support Mesh – Soft and Flexible for Firmly Attaching

Four workers are installed the chain link meshes onto the roadway roof.
CLSM-01: Chain link coal mine supporting mesh has flexible structure and high strength.

Chain link mine support mesh is the earliest steel wire mesh for coal mine supporting mesh. It is widely used as the artificial support, tunnel support and side support. The chain link mesh can also cover the mine to prevent minerals and other stones from falling down as mine security fence.

Chain link mesh is made of low carbon steel or galvanized steel wire, which has high tensile strength and high toughness. The galvanized steel wire is corrosion and rust resistance to withstand the complex environments to extend the service life. Compared with welded wire mesh or expanded metal mesh, the chain link mesh is flexible and soft for excellent protection performance.

Specifications of chain link mesh

  • Material: low carbon steel or galvanized steel wire.
  • Wire diameter: 2.0 mm – 4.0 mm.
  • Mesh size: 5 cm × 5 cm, 6 cm × 6 cm, 8 cm × 8 cm.
  • Roll size: 1 m × 10 m, 1.2 m × 10 m. Special sizes can be customized.
  • Edge type: knuckled edge.

Features of chain link mesh

  • Automatic machines production ensure the accurate of mesh size.
  • Knuckled edge prevent structure loosing.
  • Soft structure make the chain link mesh fits closely onto the roof and roadway wall.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance performance.
  • High tensile strength.
  • High toughness.
  • Economical and low cost. It is much more economical than the welded wire mesh.
  • Whole protection. It will not influence the whole protection when one single wire broken.
  • Prevent and block stones from falling down.
A piece of galvanized chain link mesh on the ground.
CLSM-02: Chain link mesh has even meshes.
A piece of chain link mesh with knuckled edge on the ground.
CLSM-03: Knuckled edge prevents loose structure.
Several chain link meshes with shrink package on the ground.
CLSM-04: Shrink package can for convenient transportation and little space.
Several chain link meshes are wrapped with woven bag both sides of chain link mesh.
CLSM-05: Woven bags on both end for safe transportation and using.
An automatic machine is producing chain link mesh.
CLSM-06: Automatic machine can ensure the accurate of meshes.
A container is loaded with galvanized chain link meshes.
CLSM-07: Experienced loading can save space and loading cost.

Related products
Other types of coal mine supporting meshes are as follows, you can refer to them and find the perfect one suitable for your projects and get the comprehensive solution for mine security.

  • Welded wire mesh. Steel wire or reinforced bars for solid and high strength protection.
  • Crimped wire mesh. Crimped and woven structure for coal mine tunnel security.
  • Woven wire mesh. Simple but high tensile strength woven structure for security.
  • Bilateral stretched plastic mesh. Bilateral stretch supplies even meshes and high strength to mine roadway roof and sidewall.
  • Steel plastic composite mesh. High tensile strength, fire retardant and great breaking strength.
A machine is installing the welded wire mesh onto mine tunnel roof.
CLSM-08: Welded wire mine supporting mesh.
Several workers are installing the woven wire mesh onto tunnel roof.
CLSM-09: Woven wire mine supporting mesh.
A worker is installing the bilateral stretched plastic mesh onto roadway sidewall.
CLSM-10: Bilateral stretched plastic mine supporting mesh.
Steel plastic composite mesh is installed on the roof and sidewall of mine roadway.
CLSM-11: Steel plastic composite mine supporting mesh.
Crimped wire meshes are installed at the top and side walls of coal mine roadway.
CLSM-12: Crimped wire mine supporting mesh.