How to Install Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence

Black vinyl coated chain link fence also called is woven accurately with black color vinyl coated wire. When install vinyl chain-link fencing, you need the tools including post whole digger, shovel, level, measuring tape, wrench, pipe cutter, mesh stretcher, come-along winch, wire cutters.

The installation steps as follows:

First, measuring the layout of the fence gate, before install determine the location.

Second, dig the holes with 18 deep, at least 8 inches.

Third, into the pile to ensure horizontal and vertical, under the direction of the pile of gravel poured into the hole, freezing 48 hours.

Fourth, use accessories attaching two railway cup and tighten the loose fence.

Fifth, install the door.

Final is to attach the necessary hardware to ensure that the location of all the latches and chains, and everything is in place and then tighten all hardware.

Black coated vinyl chain Link fence install tips

Installation to temporarily attach the wire fence along the periphery of the outer layer of grid lines every 5-6 feet distance must remain straight. Otherwise, it is will depart from the track.

the tools needed when install chain link fencing
installing a  Vinyl Chain Link Fence