How to Repair the Chain Link Fence

Because the chain link fence is used very widely. It may be damaged under certain conditions. So, it is necessary to take time to repair chain link fence.

Tools needed: Tape measure, hacksaw, tie wires, pliers, safety glasses, gloves, nylon cable ties.

Here are two things to remember when repairing:

  1. Replacing the Top Fence Rail
    • Take the damaged fence with a hacksaw and ensure the rail into manageable pieces. Then, you are trying to locate replacement parts.
    • Measure the distance between fence posts to establish the length of your new fence rail. Standard rails are usually 1 3/8 or 1 5/8 inches in diameter; measure the outside of the damaged rail to determine which you need.
    • Next, you need tighten and replace out of the benchmark tracks and parts.
    • To put the new rail on your fence, you will have to take off the tension bands, the brace bands, and also the post caps. Then put the tension bar back in place and put on the tension bands. Get new tie wires and tighten up all of the nuts and bolts. But don't over tighten anything when working with the brace band bolts.
  2. Repair the Chain Link
    Fixing chain link fabric is also simple.
    • Tie a rope from one side the bad parts to the other side and pull on it loosen up the fence fabric. Then, throw out the bad part of the network.
    • Get a replacement piece of fabric that is the same length and width and put it in. Pliers are the best tool to use for tightening up the fabric twists. Now, release the rope and let the fence go back to normal.
  3. Warning.
    When the parts damaged parts are replaced to match the right parts.
    In order to the hand stretch easier that is to use heavy-duty nylon cable tie.
    In order to protect the sharp edge cuts and metal slag injury to the eyes, you must take safety glasses and gloves with a dangerous case.
 a man is repairing chain link fence
chain link fence is needed repaired